1) Vote for me?

Yes, I’ll vote for you; I know that ambitious feeling to win. But followers, you please send me the link? 

2) Check out my blog, please?

Just ask. Anyways, if I didn’t follow, it’s because your blog’s not in my interest, your blog is too crammed up with text posts, Etc.

4) Message anything else that you think I should put in my FAQ! (:

5) Don’t expect me to help you reblog something (especially a non-high quality photo, and something not related to fashion).

6) I’m sometimes lazy, so I might not answer your question! Unless the question’s pretty interesting!

7) Please do not message me ‘promo reached’, if I’m not there, I’m not there. It’s not like Tumblr makes this alarm whenever I get a message…

8) Please do message me any types of question. I can give you advice, suggestions, and some research answers. If you’re bored, you can always MESSAGE me.

9) I have a personal blog (eyesofvibes), so I don’t only follow fashion blogs. I’m currently following 450+ blogs. I usually follow unique photography, inspirational quote, comedy blogs other than fashion.

10) Here’s some of my favorite fashion detail blogs:












And it goes on, but these are the main ones I reblog a lot from.

Friendly bloggers:

thegeniusoffashion (high fashion editorials)

11) If anyone ever needs help with votes, just MESSAGE me the links (of the poll, your blog, where to message you) + whatever you’re offering for each vote, and I will post it on a separate page for all of my followers to see. Must be following me!

12) If I don’t follow/unfollowed you, it’s either because:

- I’m not liking the posts you reblogged/posted (it’s not the type of posts I reblog)

- You changed your blog type

- If you’re a fashion blog, I don’t follow street style, high fashion editorials, luxury and glam, backstage, Etc

- You’re not active

*NOTE: I only follow you if you’re  a really good friend of mine and we talk a lot*